For New Inventors

Filing for patent protection could be right for you if you've developed a new product, method or process that is novel and has required some inventive thought to achieve. A granted patent will give you a 20 year monopoly for your invention and gives you the right to stop others from making or selling your invention during that period, in a particular country or territory.

The application process typically begins with a first provisional patent application, which then develops into a full patent application in the countries you are interested in having protection in.  Your patent application will be examined by the appropriate Patent Office and if accepted (we help with this), will be granted as a full Letters Patent. It is worth noting that this process can take a number of years, but can be managed along side promoting and/or selling your invention once the first application has been filed.

The IP Studio can also help you determine whether you will be likely to get a patent granted on your invention, or if you are likely to infringe someone else's patent.

For Companies and Experienced Inventors

The IP Studio patent attorneys have significant experience managing portfolios of patents for companies with an R and D focus, as well as individuals with a growing number of patents to their name. We can help you manage your patent drafting, filing and prosecution both locally and internationally, and provide strategy advice to help ensure you are filing in the right place, for the right reasons.

For Overseas Associates

The IP Studio offers a competitive National Phase filing service for PCT applications, in both Australia and New Zealand, as well as filing standard convention patent applications and innovation patents (Australia only).


We manage prosecution of incoming applications through to grant and can assist in Freedom to Operate assessments for Australian and NZ jurisdictions.