The IP Studio secures quality, registered intellectual property rights for their clients.


Based in Auckland New Zealand and serving all of New Zealand and Australia the experienced team at The IP Studio will work with you to prepare and file robust trade mark, patent and design applications that will be an asset to your company.


We provide general IP advice and management, patent, design and trade mark filing and prosecution services, together with searching and analysis for registerability or infringement purposes.

It’s our goal to make IP understandable and to help you to create practical and effective IP strategies going forward.

Whether you have that first idea that might lead to something big, or if you’re an established business that keeps on innovating, The IP Studio can help you manage the process of IP protection.



Additional details are provided on the Contact page and contact details for individual attorneys can be found in the About Us section.


Find out how The IP Studio is structured and how you can work with us.



Our Attorneys are based in various locations around Auckland, NZ and are available for consultations via telephone, Skype, or face to face meeting can be organised

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